Buffalo Sabres Need a Fire Sale


If you are the Buffalo Sabres the only thing left to do is sell. It’s time for a fire sale; from the top all the way to the AHL. If you are under contract with the Sabres you are now for sale. If you are  UFA over 27 years-old pack your bags it’s time to go.

Fans of the Sabres know things are going to get worse before they get better. I think it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. There are rumors that the Sabre will not re-sign Ryan Miller, and they shouldn’t. Current captain Steve Ott may be a trade dead line move, and Drew Stafford should have been shipped out years ago. I’d even through Tyler Myers in the mix if the right offer came along. It’s a fire sale, anything goes.

It’s clear that the Sabres need change, it’s also clear that their top player (Ryan Miller) will need to be moved. The question becomes what team steps up and make the move? There is a catch with Miller. He has the ability to exclude eight teams. In an article found on SabreNoise.com it is said that Miller will not play for a Canadian team.

Miller has stated that he will only go to a contending team and refuses to be traded to any of the 7 Canadian teams- which means no Edmonton.

Sabres fans are very loyal, and seem to always hold out hope. I am starting to see a change in the fan base. One fans told me that he is quickly reaching the point of not caring. When fans start to not care things can fall apart very fast.

It’s the same every night. Fall behind early, scramble to catch up; I am almost over it, with less than a 1/4 of the season in!

If I’m Darcy Regier no fair offer will be ignored. In fact if my phone rings, I would answer it, and figure out a way to find a deal. It’s what’s best for the team; it’s what fair to the fan base, and frankly it’s the only way to save your job.